Thursday, December 09, 2004

Away in a WalMart

Just in time for this festive season, I wrote a Christmas song! Okay, I wrote the words. If you sing this to the tune of Away in a Manger it'll work just fine. (It kind of works to the tune of Try to Remember a Time in September, too, but that detracts from its yuletide charm.)

Happy holidays!

Away in a WalMart,
With low overhead.
Great deals and low prices,
What more to be said?
The loudspeaker calls you:
“Big sale in aisle four!”
There’s “USA” sweatshirts
Made in Singapore.

Away in Karachi,
More textiles are made.
At eight cents an hour
Baluchis are paid.
They shiver in hovels
From cradle to grave,
Slaving for WalMart,
So that you can save.

Away in Ohio,
A fact’ry shut down.
And broad unemployment
Has crippled some town.
The workers were cast off
When a bean-counting sage
Found that Pakistanis
Don’t get minimum wage.


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