Friday, December 31, 2004

Holiday weekend Republican surprise!

Hey hey! The House Republicans are talking about weakening their ethics rules. Might as well make it official, huh? Seriously, it's no surprise that this is coming from the party of loose morals and brazen hypocrisy.

Notice how the Republicans are releasing this right before a big holiday weekend, on a Friday when lots of people are off work and not paying attention to the news, anyway? That’s the way these sleazeballs work: if they want to do something distasteful, they make sure news of it gets out when the media cycle is the least likely to hold them accountable for it.

Weakened ethics rules… Cripes, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Republicans. They’d make murder legal if they… hold on, they haven’t made murder legal yet, have they? The party of Reagan, Nixon and DeLay is no longer incapable of surprising me.

Another story planted to be buried before a long weekend is the one about Justice [sic] Clarence Thomas taking $42,000 in bribes. We have got to restore honor, dignity and integrity to our government. This is the most corrupt, mendacious pack of criminals who have ever descended on Washington.

It's almost 2005. Noon today was the exact middle of this decade. I wish I could say something more uplifting, vis-à-vis wishes for the new year, but I'm not feeling too positive right now. I guess my hope is that the vermin in the Bush administration will be exposed for the crooks that they are, and that we'll be able to toss them out of office or at least neutralize them before they do too much more damage. That's my sincere wish for 2005, before I knock off work and go out drinking. What's yours?


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