Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Solstice d'hîver

After that bit of Bush-loathing cheer, I guess I owe you something a bit more pleasant. Okay, then: to celebrate the winter solstice, I’m linking a photo of the cathedral in Strasbourg, France. I lived in Strasbourg for a year, and I remember the cathedral’s windows were arranged so that on the summer and winter solstices, light would spill in certain places. I can’t find a picture of that happening, but the interior of the cathedral is striking, and I always liked going there, so the link there is to a photo of the Pilier des Anges.

Back in those days, they wanted 10 francs to let you walk up the 333 spiraling steps to the roof, and it was worth it. You could see all over the city. I’m feeling nostalgic right now.

Joyeux Noël et bon nouvel an.


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