Wednesday, December 29, 2004

War is peace, division is unity...

Mkay, I’m back after six days in beautiful, snow-covered western Pennsylvania. ‘Twas the season, so that’s why blogging has been light. I’m back after a week of overindulgence in traditional Christmas foods such as chocolate, ham, and kielbasa. And coffee, plenty of coffee. Now my body has been impurified to the extreme, choking with chemicals and substances that nutritionists will advise you to keep to the most extreme moderation. I’m logy and moving slow, probably due in part to this indulgence and in part to these long nights. Really, the cold I can deal with, but this lack of daylight is just too much. At least I’m not depressed; I’m just dragging.

Speaking of slow, a friend of mine told me that he saw an interview with our esteemed chief executive recently (but what media outlet this was, I don’t know.) Mr. Bush was asked what he felt his greatest accomplishment of his first term was. To this he replied, “Uniting the country.”

Okay, this is one of the single biggest heaps of steaming crap ever to issue forth from a politician’s mouth. I’m sure some of you out there disagree with my feelings toward the president, but even his most fervent supporters must agree that there’s no way he’s united the country. I guess you could reasonably say that Bush has united the two camps in this country: his supporters and his opponents alike. But a united country? Not hardly. Not a united United States, anyway. He’s sure united other countries against us, though.

Anyway, I’m back and I ought to be writing less rambling, more coherent posts… um… any time now. Just you wait…


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