Monday, January 24, 2005

18½ minutes of silence are in order.

Rose Mary Woods, Nixon’s secretary, has died at age 87. She covered up for her bosses, Richard Nixon and H.R. Haldeman, by erasing part of a tape where they were discussing the Watergate treason. Because of her, we don’t have evidence of what Nixon and Haldeman knew and when they knew it. But, um, we can make some reasonable guesses, can’t we?

Anyway, Woods followed a long tradition of subordinates who were “just following orders:” Heinrich Himmler, Oliver North, Lynndie England… As far as I know, Woods never recanted, never did anything to atone for her sins. If she did, then I regret the snide tone of this post.

I suppose I should say a few things about Nixon. He was ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- president. And that’s the (expletive deleted) truth.


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