Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Conservatives boasting about ethics?

I'm not surprised, but I am disgusted. Many Republicans have been boasting that not only is their party clinging to the ethical standards that they almost rewrote, they're claiming some sort of moral superiority over Democrats, who have never had a provision to hold their House leaders accountable for malfeasance like the Republicans (still) do. This is—ah, what's the mot juste?—crap. What's going on is that the Republicans tried to lower their standards just to protect one individual. They're trying to cloud the issue by pointing out that the Democrats don't have such a provision. And they don't. But I ask you which is worse: to not have a certain ethical provision at all, or to blatantly circumvent that ethical provision only when it comes time to enforce it?

That's the Republican Party these days: they crow about having ethical standards, but they never actually follow them. Hollow virtue from the hypocrites.


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