Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The most depressing day of the year: January 24.

So according to that beacon of respectable journalism, Great Britain’s own Sun, we’re coming up on the most depressing day of the year. It’s apparently January 24, according to Dr. Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University in Wales. He figures it’s due to the sunlight and the weather and other factors. How the weather here in New York relates to the weather in Wales, I don’t know, but I do know we’re getting slightly more sunlight here than they’re getting in the British Isles, and we will continue to get it until spring starts.

Dr. Arnall’s calculations also figure in one’s financial debts and the time since Christmas, which renders this survey a tad cliché, but I’ll agree with him where the light and weather are concerned. It was 12º F outside this morning, and while the days have been getting longer for almost a month now, I still haven’t noticed their lengthening yet. These conditions, say Dr. Arnall, sap one’s motivation and energy. Though I don’t suffer from seasonal affective disorder myself, I’m inclined to think that everyone’s affected by the weather and daylight—some more than others. Currently I’m at rock bottom where motivation goes, so at least I’ve got science on my side to explain away what we would have called laziness in simpler times.

Blue state

I think a special corollary applies to Dr. Arnall’s formula this year. I’d say the most depressing day is January 20, since the prospect of Bush taking office again and our facing another four years of this monster has sapped my energy considerably and has rendered me miserable. The night of January 20 I’m going out drinking with fellow despondents so I can face down the right wing’s hijacking of my country in the best possible state to handle it: blind, stinking drunk.


At Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 3:17:00 PM EST, Blogger Gadget said...

The good doctor has it wrong. The most depressing date is January 20, 2005. Mark it the most depressing day of the decade, not the year.

Inauguration day for GWB. Live coverage on all my favorite radio stations. No way around it.

At a quick glance the sky is one continuous shade of gray. Closer analysis reveals a slight shift of gray from the stratus to the stratocumulus clouds. Yee ha!

It can only get better.


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