Thursday, February 03, 2005

State of the Union 2005

Bush is talking about taking the first step to dismantle Social Security, and he calls it saving.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, etc. How much longer can he damage this country? How much longer until I'm burnt out on outrage? I still can't get over how my disgust for this president still feels so fresh. He really hates those who don't think like him, doesn't he?

Seriously, does it even matter what Bush says anymore? He's stated time and again that he won't listen, and just in case anyone takes seriously the times he's said that he's willing to listen to those who don't agree with him, he's never done anything in the spirit of compromise. And his speeches are all just purple-sounding fluff, speaking of lofty concepts like freedom and liberty and all, but giving us nothing solid. I don't see how those who agree with what he's doing actually feel like they're getting something out of his speeches.

There's no more debate; no one seems to know how to disagree properly anymore. I'm not sure why I should care what Bush says; he's just going to suck up to the right wing agenda and ignore the rest of us. Since there's no more debate, the only thing to do is to dig in and fight Bush. He's completely pointless to listen to and analyze critically. As someone who loves debate and the exchange of ideas, it really pains me to say this; I never felt this way even when Reagan was in office. Reagan was working to strengthen his own party, which is not unreasonable. Bush is working to destroy my party, which is unconscionable. Bush likes war? Okay, he's going to get it. But I really do miss dialogue...


At Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 6:15:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should anything at all be done about Social Security? Is it facing any problems?

At Monday, February 21, 2005 at 12:42:00 AM EST, Blogger Kurt Kaletka said...

Social Security is facing a big problem right now, yes. It's facing Bush's plan to dismantle it. It does need to remain funded, sure, but the only real help it needs is for its funds to be kept from being spent by Congress. The "lock box," if you will. The private accounts that Bush and friends want failed in Britain, and I can't see them doing much better here.

Apart from that, I'd say that it's not really facing any problems.


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