Friday, March 04, 2005

Dean? Resign?

Tim Russo of the Democracy guy blog thinks Howard Dean should resign as DNC chairman, which you can read at this link. A decent analysis on Mr. Russo's part, though I’d say he considers the American people a bit more serious about the way they look at politics than they actually are.

Mr. Reynolds says that Dr. Dean has made a reputation for himself as a goofball, and that that will be a hindrance. Dignified Americans everywhere will look at him as a joke, he fears, and ridicule his party at a time when it needs strong leadership more than ever. How could the party elevate a guy like this to its highest position at a time like this?

I felt the same way about the sleazy Newt Gingrich, who divorced his wife on her deathbed, and who was deservedly a laughingstock. He was an embarrassment! But the man had organizational skills, and he whipped his party into shape. I know he wasn't the RNC chair, but he worked wonders when it came to railroading the Congressional Democrats, embarrassing the Democratic president, and controlling the national debate.

Gingrich was a disgusting, loudmouthed circus unto himself, but he sure knew how to get the job done. Dean can, too—except he's got some goofy stuff in his history while Gingrich had sleazy stuff. In the end, these things don't mean much to those organizing parties.

If Dean were to run for president (like he's promised he won't,) it would be a disaster, and I think he knows that. At least, I hope he knows that. I suspect he won't throw his hat into the ring, but you never do know. Regardless, his strategy of letting local Democratic organizations have more say in which candidates to choose and how to choose them will, I believe, serve the Democrats well. All this press about Dean will only help to draw Republican muck away from actual Democratic candidates. If Dean does decide to run for president, he'll have to say so in 2007 some time. If he does that, it'll screw up the mission of his office and rightly earn him the resentment of Democrats everywhere. Howard Dean must know that. If he didn't, I can't see how he could have gotten as far as he did in the Democratic organization.


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