Monday, March 21, 2005

Florida Politix on Schiavo

Here's a pretty good analysis on the Schiavo fiasco on Florida Politix. I think James Haywood is a little too hard on the Democrats, but I do like the fact that is analysis draws attention to the fact that Republicans are succeeding because they're using social issues over issues that actually have something to do with things that affect our lives and livelihoods.

Think about it. In the last couple of weeks, Republicans have pushed:

Unpopular revision of Social Security.
Bankruptcy laws that punish the poor and middle class while favoring the rich and businesses.
Drilling in the Arctic Refuge.

And what are the media shouting about? A twenty-year coma victim in Florida! Hooray! Social issues win elections! This has nothing to do with nearly every single person in the country, yet the Republicans have gotten us to—once again—ignore the issues that are important to our lives and focus on another triumphant distraction!

Terri Shiavo is suffering for our upper-class tax cuts! HOORAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!


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