Sunday, March 13, 2005

Florida state legislature proposes thought mandates for universities.

According to the Florida Politix blog, Representative Dennis Baxley, a Republican on the Florida state legislature, has proposed a bill requiring that every time a university professor makes a politically loaded comment, he has to make a comment expressing the opposite sentiment. For example: if a professor says that some people believe women have a right to an abortion, he must also state that some don't. If that professor says that we're doing a good job in Iraq, he must also point out that some don't think so. If that professor says that Nazism was a blight on humanity, he must also point out that some thought that eugenics and genocide were the only way to properly advance civilization. He might have to note that Hitler thought that the Poles were subhuman—which would require that he mention that others thought the Poles were just as human as anyone else.

The precedent that a bill like this sets is unthinkable. If this bill passes, the state of Florida would likely set itself up for another bill which would mandate that for every moron elected to the state legislature, you'll have to elect an intelligent person, too. And vice versa. This will double the size of government, but it would be worth it, in order to balance out Rep. Baxley's influence.

Seriously, if this sort of mandating of thought can happen in a university, then wouldn't Baxley be mandated to speak up for a liberal idea for every one of his conservative ones? Where do these idiots come from?

Anyway, go to Florida Politix for the complete story on this insanity.


At Monday, March 14, 2005 at 10:22:00 AM EST, Blogger the mule said...

Remember when Republicans were screaming "smaller government" and less restriction? I don't either, but I remember hearing about it. It's not just a "free speech" issue. Plenty of well-abled people are arguing that one. It's just, as you are implying, a common sense issue.

In my opinion, a piece of legislation is only good if it is clear in its intentions and can stand on its own. Aside from just being plain wrong, I believe this idea is just plain bad.


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