Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Neocons to Watch Out For: Michael W. McConnell

The Tenth District is probably one of the most conservative districts in this country, and a likely source for Bush’s eventual Supreme Court appointees.. One justice of note is Michael W. McConnell, who’s on Bush’s Supreme Court short list, since one of these days they’re going to have to drag Justice Rehnquist’s crumbling body out of the chamber. On the plus side, McConnell is a big advocate for religious freedom, which means that he doesn’t back public religious displays—for any religion. Roy Moore and his Ten Commandments idol must be quaking.

So what does Bush see in McConnell? And what do all those conservative groups who are so enthusiastic about him see in him? Well, McConnell is a vehement abortion rights opponent, which is what Bush looks for in his court appointee litmus test. If there’s going to be a test of the nuclear option (which I bet there will be,) McConnell will be the plutonium for the bomb.

McConnell’s pretty intellectual for a conservative. It’d be great if he turned out to be a moderate, like David Souter, but I suspect that if he’s on Bush’s short list, his lunatic credentials have been vetted already. McConnell wrote a paper titled Prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage is Constitutional, so I’d say that it looks like McConnell is more like Robert Bork than David Souter or Sandra Day O’Connor.

Prepare yourselves for a clash of titans, once it comes time to start nominating. This is going to be one of the biggest frays that Congress has ever seen, and one that progressives can’t afford to lose.


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