Monday, March 21, 2005

Why is Terri Schiavo a federal case?

What's going on? Why is a Florida coma patient being made into a federal case?

It's all about politics, of course. Some Democrats have called their Republcian colleagues on it, and they're right to do so. This is nothing that should have involved Congress, but since it's got such a potential big political score for the Republicans, Karl Rove and friends are seizing on it. A memo has been circulated among Republicans stating as much, though Republicans all over the Hill have been denying that they've ever even seen this memo. At a time when Republicans have egg on their faces for their successful opening up of the Arctic Refuge for oil drilling, and while Republicans' revisions on Social Security policy are earning them resentment right and left, they need a feel-good distraction to make them look better in the eyes of their base, and a distraction that hamstrings the Democrats is all the better for them.

Word has it that this is designed to target Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), who has not fully embraced the conservatively correct agenda. Nelson is up for reƫlection next year. Winning as a Democrat in Nebraska is tough enough; winning as a Democrat in Nebraska while you're being tarred for not supporting conservative social issues is probably a lot tougher. Hard to believe that this is the same state that gave us such forward thinkers as Bob Kerrey and Doug Bereuter, isn't it?


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