Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What would Hitler do? Sciavo?

Y’know, it’s interesting: I listened to a lot of right-wing talk radio during the final days of the Schiavo circus, largely because I needed something to do while driving a long distance across a sparsely populated stretch of territory. The right-wing call-in shows had plenty of callers who were very quick to use the Nazi analogy when describing Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo. In a number of cases, that was the first thing out of the caller’s mouth.

It seems to me that the Nazis were a favorite in this case, even though the analogy seldom (if ever) made any sense at all. It happened so often, I have to wonder if this didn’t have some sort of orchestrated effort on the part of right-to-die opponents? A quick Google search reveals a lot of such clutter:

This bad analogy is awfully popular. But I guess in this day and age, when some feel it’s appropriate to decry tax increases as “socialism,” bad analogies are all the rage, aren’t they?


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