Tuesday, May 31, 2005

McDonald’s Australia introduces new “Big Plat” sandwich

BRISBANE, Queensland—May 27. Keeping with its policy of relying on as many local ingredients in its restaurants as possible, as well as keeping in sync with local cultures as much as possible, McDonald’s Australian markets will soon be offering its new Big Plat sandwich at its Australian locations.

“We’re very excited about this,” said Thomas Dunbar, spokesman for McDonald’s Australia. “The Big Plat looks to be the most distinctly Australian sandwich ever offered by any restaurant anywhere. On McDonald’s trademark sesame seed bun you’ll find 150 grammes of fresh, ground platypus meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, our special vegemite-based sauce and a slice of cheese made from milk taken fresh from lactating kangaroos.”

Dunbar says that the Big Plat will sell particularly well because not only does he expect it to appeal to the Australians’ pride in their unique fauna, but it will also be the only widely available sandwich known that uses platypus meat.

According to Dunbar, the test marketing showed there’s a strong interest in the Big Plat. “We tested it in our Alice Springs, Wagga Wagga and Nullabor Plain locations, and it did pretty well. We’re going national now, and we see no reason for results to be any different.”

The Big Plat will be available at all Australian McDonald’s restaurants by June 20. This is the first major addition to the Australian McDonald’s menu since the introduction of the widely popular Wombat McNuggets in 2001.


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