Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Playing the rube card in Virginia

Virginia's gubernatorial race is heating up with allegations of bias toward accent. Former State Attorney General Jerry Kilgore is accusing Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine of making his Appalachian accent an issue in the race. Kilgore refuses to debate Kaine because he claims debates are just an excuse to get him to talk—ostensibly so Kaine can make fun of Kilgore's accent. Kaine is accusing Kilgore of ducking the debate. He's even created a web site called www.jerrytheduck.com to address Kilgore's ducking. Click that link and you can not only read Kaine's arguments, but all y'all can hear Kilgore speak, so's ah reckon y'all kin make up y'all's minds.

Honestly, Kilgore ought to be ashamed, playing the rube card like this. Doesn't he have any substantial issues to rely on?

Stigmatizing education like this only inspires people to stay uneducated, spend less on education, and thus deny children the opportunities that education could offer. Seeking short-term gain, Kilgore is hurting the state of Virginia in the long term—as well as the rest of the country. He's disgraceful.


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