Friday, June 10, 2005

5 Marines killed, 21 bodies found

In what's all too common news these days, U.S. authorities found five dead Marines and 21 bodies of what are presumed to be those of Iraqi soldiers. Something just doesn't add up about all this, and I'm going to try to figure it all out.

What's strange is that I remember Achmed Chalabi telling us that the American soldiers would be welcomed with "sweets and flowers." Rumsfeld and Bush echoed this. So far, I haven't heard of too many American soldiers getting any sweets or flowers. In fact, these roadside bombs and other weapons of some destruction seem to be pretty much the *opposite* of sweets and flowers.

What's going on? Could it be that a bad translator translated when Chalabi said "sweets and flowers" as "bombs and rifles"? Or could it be that 95% of the world's population was right in thinking that the 2003 Iraq invasion would prove to be an utter debacle? Man, that's a real head-scratcher, it is. I just don't know if I can figure it out.


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