Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bush chooses Cox to head SEC.

I try to run a clean shop here, but sometimes the news is just dirty. Sorry, sometimes it just works out that way, but don't blame me. I just report it. Ahem:

President Bush has massaged conservative Representative Chris Cox into a new position—the head of the SEC. "Looks like a hard job," said Cox, "but once I penetrate the initial aspects of my duties, I'll be in good." The conservative Cox expects to grow in his new position, but he also "expects some friction with other members" of Congress over his appointment. "On the whole, though, I think things will work fine." Vice President Dick Cheney agrees. "I think Cox is a good fit with Bush," he said.

Other members of Congress considered for the position were Rodney Alexander, G.K. Butterfield, Sam Johnson and Jerrold Nadler. "I could really get behind Butterfield," said Cox. "He would have been a good choice, too. As to Johnson, well, he and I are a lot alike."


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