Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Flag desecration—again!

Hooray! It looks like Congress is poised to pass anti-flag-desecration legislation. The House will definitely approve it, and it looks like the Senate probably will. That just leaves it up to the president to approve it or not (and what do you think he'll choose to do, being the oh-so-vigilant guardian of civil liberties that he is?)

However, even if it makes it to the president's desk for signature, that doesn't make it an amendment. It would still have to pass muster in at least 38 states. If thirteen states vote it down, it doesn't make it into the Constitution. Still, I don't feel overly confident that thirteen states can scrape together enough civil libertarians to stand up to the light and transient cause of banning flag desecration.

Remember that five of the new Republican senators elected last year all voted for similar legislation while in the House, so it's a given that they'll vote for it again while in the Senate. Chances are that Republicans will vote yes on this in a bloc. Remember: if you voted for a "moderate" Republican, this is partly your fault. Aren't you proud?


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