Tuesday, September 20, 2005

American Civics Quiz

Here's a good quiz to check your grasp of basic civics. I got 48 out of 54, which is something like 89% or so. My biggest mistakes were when I stupidly said that we declared war three times during the twentieth century, figuring that the 1991 Gulf War was one we had to declare, despite the coalition forces' having jumped in. And I said that bills to raise taxes must originate in Congress. While technically correct, they wanted something more specific, and I agree that my answer was insufficiently vague, anyway.

The last signer of the Declaration of Independence? I said James Witherspoon. I know there was a Witherspoon on that document, but I don't know what his first name was. It might have been James, but that was a wild guess. John Hancock was first, wasn't he? Or is that just part of the national myth?

One question that they couldn't really do on that quiz: who are your Congressional delegation? Mine, currently, are José Serrano in the House, and my Senators are Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. All Americans should also know who their governor is. Mine is George Pataki, and thank God he won't be my governor come January 2007. Go Eliot Spitzer!

Can you fine Americans name yours?


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