Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Congressman Tancredo (R-CO) proposes blocking out moon twice a month.

Well, not really. But if he's elected president, maybe he will. You wouldn't want to inadvertantly glorify the terrorists, after all. I can't wait for the Liberty Bread Wedges this Thanksgiving. Check this out: Tancredo's war on crescents.

Seriously, it looks like Tom Tancredo is doing Sharpton duty for the Republicans for the 2008 campaign, which involves looking like a stark raving lunatic for the benefit of candidates like Bill Frist and Mitt Romney, who aren't quite such stark raving lunatics. Tancredo is also cultivating a well-earned reputation as the anti-immigrant candidate. Sometimes I wonder if this nutball won't help the eventual Republican nominee in 2008. Tancredo would make the Republican nominee, no matter how conservative, look positive moderate by comparison. On the other hand, his presence could force the other candidates to run too far to the right to pull voters away from him.

Regardless, I think Tancredo is too far to the right even for the current incarnation of the Republican Party to have a hope of winning the nomination. I'm inclined to think that his kind of politics would be a drag on the eventual nominee, but I realize that might just be wishful thinking. Still, Tancredo has a point when he says that "Hispanic voters will not be won over to the Republican Party by trying to out-pander the Democrats." Hispanics will remain a predominantly Democratic group in 2008. But can the Republicans really risk energizing Hispanics against the Republican Party? Tancredo might just be the kind of bomb to make that very thing happen.


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