Monday, September 26, 2005

I can be a good sport.

Some conservative said that we in the anti-Bush crowd don't ever give credit where credit is due, that we never say nice things about Bush when he's got those nice things coming. So, okay: I can say nice things about Bush. It's not easy, but I have (grudgingly) come up with some:

1. I thought invading Afghanistan and establishing an allied presence there was a good move. (I would have done this, myself. I have issues with Bush's follow-through on this, of course, but it started out pretty well.)

2. I think he was right to contradict the mayor of New Orleans, who was saying that it was okay to return to the city.

3. I, too, find myself wishing that I could be riding my bike instead of sitting at my desk at work. This guy actually goes out and grabs that brass ring!

I'd like to add that as someone who evacuated lower Manhattan on the morning of September 11, Bush's appearance on the World Trade Center site did not make me feel better. In fact, I found the whole spectacle nauseating. "I'm gonna go down to the World Trade Center site and hug a fireman," Bush said. The he hugged a fireman. Then he said he hugged a fireman. Yecch. Okay, okay, I know this isn't a nice thing to say, but all that sweetness I just rattled off is making me clench up inside. I can only handle so much mawkishness, you know.


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