Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Subpoena for Frist documents in stock sale probe.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has subpoenaed documents in their investigation into probe of potential insider trading by Senator Bill Frist (R-Tennessee). But... why?

Well the story is that Frist is a professional physician who did a major sell-off of stock in a for-profit hospital that was started by his own father and is his state's biggest medical institution. The sell-off happened just before the share price took a major dive, and Frist made out like an alleged, subpoenaed bandit. I can't see how even the most rabid conservative partisan can state that they can't figure out where a potential conflict of interest is, even if they're unwilling to admit that this looks fishy.

"Damn you, Kurt!" I hear you righties cry. "No one's proven anything yet!" And sure enough, there's no conviction, and I won't say there is one until there is. Frist looks guilty as sin, though.

I suppose conservatives are really panicking about this because they remember how they got the media to convict Clinton of sex crimes before his case ever went to trial. All that time, I (and many others) said this was cheapening the discourse, but the Starr warriors pressed on. And now they're reaping what they sowed. What did they expect?

Regardless, when someone has a mountain of evidence on his shoulders like Frist does, it's only reasonable to keep pressure on him. And I hope they do.


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