Friday, September 30, 2005

Texas: on its way to swing statehood.

In 2004, DeLay's challenger got within ten points even though the national Democratic Party hardly invested a dime in his campaign, assuming it was a lost cause. They tried to get the same guy to run again (damned if I can remember his name) but I understand he declined. I wonder if he's reconsidered? I wonder if the Democratic Party is reconsidering what they spend on DeLay's district? Seems like it might be worth it.

I've been getting the sense that Texas is getting to be more of a two-party swing state. I get the sense that within ten years, it'll be one for both parties to squabble over.

2004 was the first time a Republican won a presidential election without winning California. Without a big state like Texas to rely on, the Republican Party will have to concentrate its efforts in other places, and with other constituents. Small wonder they're so concerned about making inroads with Hispanics. It smells of desperation to me.


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