Thursday, September 29, 2005

Well, Roberts is now Chief Justice—so what?

Confirmed by the Senate, 78-22. It still doesn't feel like big news. We've always known Bush was going to ignore the concerns of anyone who feels differently from him, and we've always known that the Republican Senate wouldn't give Roberts any real scrutiny. It's like we've been screwed for a long time already. Roberts has evasively wormed his way into his job, dodging legitimate questions like a good little Republican lapdog. What can I say? When your government makes a big show about how it doesn't care what you think, it's hard to feel engaged. I'm more engaged than most people when it comes to politics, I'd say, and I still find it hard.

In these desperate times, we take what solace we can get. And that solace is the DeLay indictment. Smashing down a villain like DeLay is all we can get done, since nothing good has been getting built by this administration and the 107th, 108th and 109th Congresses. It's depressing when the only joy can come from destruction, but if that's the case, well... I'll take it.

DeLay’s indicted? I’m delighted! I’ve leapt up to the firmament!
We’re now facing brief replacing of the Hammer with a Blunt instrument!


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