Thursday, December 01, 2005

Could America be approaching idiot fatigue?

I wonder if voters could wind up with idiot fatigue soon. It seems like sometimes, and who knows why, voters will be prone to back someone who has a certain personality trait. Carter exuded integrity, which felt nice after Nixon. Reagan exuded aggression, which felt nice after Carter. Clinton exuded certitude, which felt nice after Bush. And Bush exuded simplicity, which felt nice after Clinton. (The opinions expressed are not necessarily my own; that's just my approximation of the conventional wisdom.)

So now that voters have had their simpleton fix, will they be yearning for competence again in 2008? I know I'm starved for it, but that's what I always prefer. The general feeling of the voters is what I'm wondering about. I hope they do seek out competence; an additional four years of a grinning idiot would destroy what's left standing of this country in 2008.


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