Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jeannine Pirro drops her Senate bid

Westchester County District Attorney Jeannine Pirro has dropped her challenge to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York). Pirro's campaign has been dead for some time; she just made it official. Many claimed she'd be a real threat to Senator Clinton, citing the shopworn we've-got-a-woman-so-more-women-will-vote-for-us argument, which is based on the ideas that 1) most or all women have an irrational prejudice toward female candidates and 2) Hillary Clinton has nothing going for her except for the fact that she's a woman. The same logic applies to Republicans who are sure that Condoleezza Rice would be a slam-dunk candidate because she's black.

Pirro is a political klutz, and probably would have done better if she'd run for attorney general. She's damaged goods now, though; she might have a shot at the state senate, but nothing higher than that. The state Republican Party has got to be furious at her for having sucked up all that oxygen vis-à-vis the Republican Senate primary, and I don't blame them. Now talk has revived of Ed Cox running—you know, Richard Nixon's son-in-law. Heh... in this time when the Republican Party is bogged down with scandal after scandal, they need another Nixon like an 18½-inch hole in the head.

Anyway, Clinton will coast to reëlection to the Senate in 2006, will probably throw her hat in the ring in 2007, will certainly endorse the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, and will coast to reëlection to the Senate in 2012. Really, the United States is ready to elect a woman to the presidency, and it will have a female president one of these days. It just won't be Hillary Clinton. Mark my words.


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