Monday, December 19, 2005

Rev. Wildmon urges Ford Motors to hate gays—how you can help!

The Ford Motor Company pulled an ad campaign a while ago that targeted homosexuals. They tried to sell them luxury cars. This is the kind of thing that Ford has done for a long time: it's tried to sell cars. Nothing new there.

However, this has not set well with the AFA and the Reverend Donald Wildmon, who is calling for a boycott of Ford. Wildmon and friends don't like the idea of Ford treating homosexuals as regular human beings. Christian charity isn't designed to stretch that far. If Ford insists on trying to sell cars to gays, the AFA says that they're going to lose the family market through this tactic.

It's an ominous threat. Remember when the Southern Baptist Leadership Council boycotted Disney? Disney lost so much money that they couldn't afford to make any more movies, and they had to shut down their theme parks...

Oh, wait: that didn't happen. It didn't affect them at all. And when the Southern Baptists called it off, Disney didn't see a surge in profits, either. Likewise, I don't think we'll see a change in Ford's market share, one way or another.

After meeting with gay rights activists last week, Ford's CEO Bill Ford, Jr. said, "We value all people—regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and cultural or physical differences." Sounds like a very Christian attitude toward the whole affair. Then Ford spokeswoman Kathleen Vokes said that the company had no further comment on the matter, which is entirely appropriate.

Don't get me wrong: I support boycotts when there's a real principle at stake. I have avoided Exxon products since the Exxon Valdez mess back in 1989, and I still do. Boycotts more often than not don't amount to much. Regardless, it can be a good principle, though the principle of hating a whole group of people is not one I can get behind, much less respect. I wonder if Reverend Wildmon would have any success with preaching a message of love and acceptance rather than one of hate and marginalization? I suppose we'll never know, but I bet that would make for a much better world.

I'm currently in the market for a car, but I'm afraid Ford won't benefit from me. I'm probably going to buy one used, since with the way I've been financially, I might one day be able to consider buying a new car when I'm maybe fifty. I'm 36 now, and still paying off student loans, but that will be done by the end of the year. I'd love to make myself useful to Ford or any other company that makes decent policy decisions. If anyone is interested in helping me support the right companies, send money. Cash, checks, whatever. I promise that if you send me money, I'll put it to good use by buying the most expensive consumer goods possible manufactured by companies with consciences. I'd buy a new Ford product, probably a Volvo, which is made by Ford. Not an SUV, anyway.

All contributions to this noble cause may be sent to:

Kurt Kaletka
295 Greenwich St., No. 103
New York, NY 10007

Please help me be a conscientious consumer! If enough of you chip in, I'll be able to quit my job, and you'll get more blog entries, so obviously there's something in this for all of us. Foreign and obsolete currency is accepted, but domestic U.S. dollars are of course preferred. Remember: I'm only doing this because I care, so you can give me money and feel really good about it. I know I will!


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