Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So Bush lied. So what?

Hey, folks. Vernon the Rat here, balancing this forum with a refreshing conservative point of view. With President Bush acknowledging that over 30,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of our invasion, I think it's time to finally cut the guy some slack. The media seem to have been critical of President Bush for a long time—several weeks already—so why don't they lay off him? With all this scrutiny he's getting, you'd think Dubya was a Democrat or something.

I'm really getting sick about people complaining about how Bush lied about WMDs to win support for attacking Iraq. Anyway, we're in Iraq now, defending the principle of freedom and bringing freedom to the Iraqis. We're sharing with them all the rights that we free Americans enjoy. Even though Bush lied about why we went into Iraq, and even though he's lying about how his intentions have "always been the removal of a brutal dictator," what's the big deal? There's nothing wrong with a little selective dishonesty, as long as we come out on top.

We'll control Iraq and its oil, and keep the Arabs on edge for at least a generation. It's not like we're ruining Americans' lives, anyway. Isn't Bush the president of the United States of America? He doesn't need to look after Iraqis. Just Americans. Yes, he lied to us, but he only hurt Iraqis, so what's the big deal? You have to concern yourself with results

I never really bought the "Saddam has WMDs" bit, no. But he lied to us to earn our support for his campaign to export democracy and American values to the Middle East, and to provide Americans with essential resources like petroleum. It was a useful lie, which is something that Liberals just can't seem to get their heads around: lies, when useful, can accomplish much good for a large number of people when compared to the bad done to a small number of people. Compare America's population to that of Iraq, and tell me which one is bigger. More people are benefiting from the Iraq war, because the majority of the benefits go to Americans, and there are more of us. As a rat, I can vouch for this. If a restaurant leaves a lot of garbage lying around, a few humans might die of botulism or something, but even more rats benefit, so it all works out fine. Our invasion of Iraq is as smart and helpful as an unsanitary restaurant, which is good for not all of us but at least for most of us.

Bush got us to this good place by lying, so really, it's okay. A handful of soldiers have died (compare this number of casualties to the casualties of World War II!) and some Iraqis have died. But more people benefit. Count your blessings, and be grateful for your freedom. And for restaurants that flout health codes.


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