Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bush claims we thwarted a 2002 terrorist attack in Los Angeles

For some peculiar reason, George W. Bush has recently accounced that some unnamed person and agency attached to the United States thwarted a terrorist attack in Los Angeles in 2002, based on tips that Bush never mentioned before, and which he wasn't especially clear about this time around. I'm not sure why we should believe him. Do you believe? I believe!

I believe! I believe that Bush's poll numbers are plummeting, which is why he's either exaggerating or fabricating a story about a four-year-old foiled terrorist plot!

I believe that whenever Bush's poll numbers sink, he'll point to horrible things in the past that we never heard of because they never happened since surely Bush made sure they didn't happen but just didn't tell us about them at the time!

I believe I single-handedly prevented a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1999, and that I deserve some kind of reward for it! Send money!


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