Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nice flight suit, Bob

Representative Bob Beauprez (R-Colorado) is stepping down from Congress to run for governor. That's fine. But it's giving me a sense of déjà vu. Specifically, what's giving me a sense of déjà vu is the man's flight suit that he's strutting around in, as Progress Now Action reports.

It takes gall, it does, to parade around in uniform when you never actually served. In 1970, Rep. Beauprez's draft number was called, and he answered to the draft board, but records show that Beauprez was "excused" for a "physical reason."

Now I'm not calling the man's honesty into question—at least, I'm not calling his 1970 honesty into question. He might really have had a "physical reason" to be excused, and he might indeed still be upset that he never got the chance to serve his country. Even so, he never actually did serve his country, and while the 1970 Bob Beauprez might have been an honest man with a "physical reason," the 2006 Bob Beauprez is a dishonest man who's strutting around like a peacock in a uniform that he never deserved to wear, that he never wore professionally, never having put his life on the line.

Let's review: a veteran is someone who served in the armed forces for real. This is not the case with Rep. Beauprez, who is a dishonest man wearing a flight suit like a kid on Halloween.

Too bad Colorado's landlocked. It might really help his election chances if he could put that uniform on and do a heroic landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.


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