Thursday, March 30, 2006

Andy Card's replacement calls for John Snow's head.

Bush's Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, recently stepped down, having been just a few months away from being the longest-serving White House Chief of Staff in history. Bush aide Joshua Bolten has been promoted to the job, and will have no trouble getting confirmed.

However, there could be some trouble once Bolten starts working. Mr. Bolten has already called for the resignation of Secretary of the Treasury John Snow, which seems a bit audacious for a newly-minted Chief of Staff. I mean, I'm no fan of Mr. Snow or the Bush administration, and I've long felt that Snow is nearly as unqualified for his job as Bush is. But Mr. Bolten is a different story.

Bolten's list of complaints includes one that Mr. Snow isn't promoting Bush's agenda forcefully enough. What, exactly, does this mean? Is he not saying yes to Bush's tax cut demands enough? Is he not standing up for deficit spending enough? Is he simply not aggressively pliable enough to let Bush feel like his yes-men are acting as bullhorns to amplify the administration's policies, instead of merely quietly nodding their approval?

And above all, Mr. Snow would do well to remember how Paul O'Neill was forced out of the very same job back in 2003 for having committed the grave sin of speaking his mind. Or maybe that would be a more useful lesson for Mr. Bolten to heed... unless, of course, Bolten is speaking up at the behest of the Bush administration, which would actually make sense: hire an axeman to barge in so as to allow Bush and Cheney to promote some sort of image that they themselves don't instigate such cold assaults on their own personnel.


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