Monday, March 27, 2006

Nice things to see for Democrats this year.

This year promises to be more promising for the Democrats—or, at least, less promising for the Republicans, which is good news for the Democrats by default. While I doubt we're in for a 1994-style changing of the guard, I'm happy to see a few developments this year. What I'm seeing is:

—Seeing two-term Republican incumbent Rick Santorum trailing his challenger by double digits.

—Seeing incumbent Senator Conrad Burns in the very red state of Montana slipping in the polls.

—Seeing the Republicans unable to find a Florida Republican to challenge the rather vulnerable Senator Bill Nelson.

—Seeing the Republicans unable to find a Nebraska Republican to challenge the very vulnerable Senator Ben Nelson.

—Seeing Joe Hoeven decline to challenge Kent Conrad in the very red state of North Dakota.

—Seeing Mark Kennedy's mess of a campaign frustrated again and again for the open seat in Minnesota.

—Seeing Michael Steele's campaign melting down again and again in Maryland.

—Seeing no viable candidates challenge the somewhat vulnerable Senator Menendez in New Jersey.

—Seeing Mike DeWine struggle against Sherrod Brown in Ohio.

—Seeing no viable candidate come forward to challenge Senator Stabenow in Michigan.

—Seeing scores of Republican candidates derailed by their connections to Jack Abramoff.

—Seeing nine of the top ten House seats most likely to switch parties being currently occupied by Republicans.

—Seeing xenophobic Republicans like Bill Frist once again wave anti-immigrant legislation around that will guarantee Latinos will avoid voting Republican on a national scale, and not just in California.

—Seeing the Republicans without a prayer in this year's gubernatorial elections in New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California!

Yeah, I'm happy! See you at the polls!


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