Friday, March 31, 2006

Nostradamus predicted my commute this morning!

Incredible, but true! Read this:

On the primary metal snake he will cross the hilly island,
Reading the New City's great first-day tome.
Near the path of the Freeman he steps into the air,
One sixth of an hour he'll still want.
—Predictions of Nostradamus, Vol. 8, Canto XLVI

By "metal snake" he obviously meant a subway train, and by "primary" he obviously mean the 1 train, which is the train I take. Manhattan is the "hilly island," from whence its name is derived.

The "New City" is New York, and the "first day" is Monday. Since the New Yorker comes out every monday, that's obviously what "the New City's great first-day tome" is. And I was reading the New Yorker on the train this morning! Incredible!

"The path of the Freeman" is a little trickier. The name Franklin means "Freeman," of course, and since I got off at the Franklin Street stop, well... that just can't be a coïncidence.

The last line, which mentions my wanting "one sixth of an hour" means I'd be ten minutes late today. Which I was. Is there nothing that this man couldn't see?


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