Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tom DeLay wins his primary!

The albatross is back in action! Tom DeLay, the most significant reminder of corruption in the Republican Party, has managed to win the Republican nomination and possibly keep his seat in the House, allowing this stain to continue to blemish all other Republicans! I can't think of a better gift Texas could give the Democrats!!!

After years of killing other vermin for money, Tom DeLay went to Congress and became king of the Congressional vermin for money. And apparently, the vermin of his party are still enthusiastically supporting him.

Tom DeLay has lost interest in exterminating, but then, you can't expect anyone to commit suicide for the greater good. We Democrats need to exterminate him this November. Is DeLay a rat? Is DeLay a roach? Or is he some sort of atomic rat/roach mutation? Whatever he is, DELAY MUST GO. In November. For the time being, he's the Democrats' best whipping boy.


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