Thursday, April 20, 2006

Abstinence indoctrination bill proposed in Massachusetts.

Governor Romney has a new anti-sex bill. It masks itself as choice, but how could it be, if it calls itself an "abstinence education program"? Consider this line from an article on The Boston Channel:

Gov. Mitt Romney promoted a federally funded abstinence education program Thursday that he said will help students make healthy choices about when to have sex.

Help students make choices when to have sex, Governor? Really? Yet the main thrust of it is abstinence? Here we have a thinly veiled promotion of abstinence. Granted, maybe teenagers shouldn't be encouraged to have sex, but I don't think they should be discouraged, either. They need to find their way, and it's only healthy to guide them. But with ol' Mitt here pressing for an abstinence program and calling it a choice, well... are people really that stupid? Enough of them are, anyway.

This will fail. Massachusetts won't go for it, and Romney knows it. But that's not the point. Romney wants to look good for his presidential bid, play to the conservative base, so putting forward something like this, even if it fails, will help him. What he's probably counting on in addition is failing terribly in oh-so-liberal Massachusetts, so he can tell righties in the other 49 states that he was rejected by those liberals who even turned on their own governor, so ol' Mitt's got to be all right, right?

Romney doesn't stand a ghost of a chance; I really don't know why he's bothering. He should just move back to Utah and run for governor there; they'd welcome him with open arms.


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