Tuesday, April 25, 2006

George W. Bush's good ideas.

Bush actually has a good idea! No big surprise that he got it from the Democrats, who have been calling for a probe into gasoline prices for months now.

Pardon me for being too cynical, but I'm not terribly optimistic when I see an oil man investigating gasoline prices. There's a definite disincentive for Bush to find anything wrong.

I don't imagine he will find anything wrong. But on the exact same day he gave lip service to looking into soaring gas prices, Bush also told us that he's going to start slashing environmental regulations for petroleum companies. He's also going to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. Well, we must all make sacrifices... unless they're politically costly or require raising taxes, of course.

Cripes, on one hand, Bush is always popping off about security, but when it comes to the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, he stops backing them the moment it becomes politically advantageous not to do so. There's a "war" on terrorism going on, and what does he do? Cuts taxes and cuts spending, making sure that no one's lifestyle is curttailed by the hardships that we're all seeing. This just further backs the lie that Bush's constant screeching about "security" has more to do with scaring voters into supporting him and shutting up the media's criticism than it does about actually doing anything about real threats.

And now Bush is looking for short-term gain for the petroleum industry by giving us long-term environmental problems due to the cuts in environmental regulations. You know how the Devil himself will offer apparent accomplishments with the least amount of sacrifice? That's what we need to watch out for: if not the actual Devil, then anyone who's acting like said Devil. In this case, that's George W. Bush who, as always, is promising that the world can be yours without having to work or suffer for it.


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