Monday, May 08, 2006

Bush's CIA chief resigns amid the sniping of insider Washington politics

Erm... nope, I meant to say, "Bush's CIA chief resigns amid allegations of bribes and whores." Sorry about that. I accidentally regurgitated the White House's spin in my title, which makes for a boring story where conservative voters are concerned. But the now-ex-chief of the CIA, former Florida Representative Porter Goss (Republican, of course,) is resigning after getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar... and the whore jar.

What makes me sad is that I really wish that Goss would be getting the axe because of bribery or gross incompetence, but it's the whore business that would really skewer him in the press, and thus cause the Bush administration to lean on him. I don't care if he's patronizing whores; I'd even be willing to allow politicians and federal appointees a stipend of my tax dollars for that, if it helps them do their jobs better. But it's the whores that makes this interesting, despite the uninteresting spin the White House tried to put on it, but it looks like it won't work this time. Worse for the White House: this news is getting out on the more-damaging Monday morning, rather than the sweep-it-under-the-rug Friday afternoon!

I love the way that Goss and his number-three man Dusty Foggo are trying to say they went to the Watergate Hotel whore-and-poker parties "just for the poker." That's like saying you read Hustler "just for the articles." Of course, this could be some sort of vulgar code, a sly way of saying, "Just for the poke her." Then they could admit to their whoring without their faces drawing a straight flush on the TV cameras...

On the other hand, Bush has nominated Air Force General Michael Hayden to head the CIA, which could serve as a smokescreen for the whole Goss mess. Hayden will never be confirmed, but at least this lets Bush appear to be standing tall with the military while not alienating his conservative base, which votes largely on whether a candidate believes that sex is acceptable or not. Something like this would be difficult to spin where that kind of voter is concerned. The fact that Goss was brought in as a hatchet man to hack out anyone who didn't swear unwavering fealty to the Bush administration and its goals is much easier to spin, because the media don't find that to be an interesting enough issue to report on, and the public doesn't seem to find substantial issues anything to get upset about in the first place. Until they do, though... Hey! Porter Goss was buying whores!!!


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