Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Murtha's bid for Pelosi's job: what's going on?

Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania recently declared that if the Democrats take the House this November, he'll seek Nancy Pelosi's job as House Leader. Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer's feathers got ruffled over this, too. Sure is a lot of fuss over something that hasn't happened yet, isn't it?

It occurred to me that maybe the talk about who would run the House if the Democrats won is part of a strategy to make it seem more likely that the Democrats will win. If we're already talking about how we're going to run the show after victory, will that make voters believe more in a Democratic victory, and thus more likely to vote Democratic this fall?

I don't know if anyone thought that far ahead, but it seems plausible. When it comes to Pelosi, Murtha or Hoyer as Majority Leader, I'm not madly for either of them. My dream Majority Leader is Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-17), but he won't be running this time. Maybe some day. Maybe some day Ryan will run for president! Hell, he's got my vote already, if he can get on the ballot. Tim Ryan is the man.

Anyway, I'm glad Murtha's agreed to cool it on the challenge for now. I have a hunch that getting such talk out there will help project a picture of Democratic inevitability, and that's a good thing.


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