Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cliff Schecter and good manners.

I gotta say, I'm usually a big fan of Cliff Schecter. Schecter's a Democratic consultant who gives as good as he gets, and better. When some Republican talking head comes out and tries to damn the Democrats as weak on terror or soft on defense or some crap like that, Schecter fires back with both barrels.

However, this latest episode of Mr. Schecter's doesn't make me feel so good:

Now that She refused to thank her host. Man, these Republicans sure take this "hate the media" thing seriously!

Cliff shouldn't have interrupted her, though. It diminished the good points he was making. He was right, she was wrong, but apart from Karen's graceless finish, she did behave better than he did, even though her talking points really were inane.

Cliff should also have brought up the fact that there's no such group as "The Terrorists." The idea that such a coherent group exists is a fake argument if there ever was one.

But that aside, Cliff's real missed opportunity was to be polite in taking apart and taking down Karen, who deserved it. Style counts; just because Republicans like to hide behind rude, pushy attack dogs like Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly doesn't mean we need to follow suit.

I hope Cliff Schecter cleans up his act in the future. He's much better than this episode shows.


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