Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lieberman: no opinion on who should control the House

If you ask most Democrats running for Congress which party they believe they hope controls Congress, they'll say, "Why, the Democratic Party, of course." Not surprising, and less surprising is that probably all Republicans would say the Republican Party should control Congress. When you're running for a seat on the platform of a particular party, you tend to favor that party. That's how it typically works.

Typically. But clearly that's not always the case. Apparently, Joe Lieberman told the Hartford Courant, "Uh, I haven't thought about that enough to give an answer." When asked whether he backs Democrat John DeStefano for governor over Republican Jodi Rell, he stammered and said he'd rather his decision "remain private."

It's true that Lieberman needs to excite Republican voters if he's going to manage to win this election, but he'll also need to appeal to a certain number of Democrats if he expects to get reƫlected as, y'know, a Democrat. Which he still is. Nominally.

However, with this kind of enthusiasm for his own party, can we really expect Lieberman to stay with the Democratic Party after Election Day? I've started to wonder.

If you're in Connecticut and you really want a senator who's really a Democrat, vote for Ned Lamont. If you don't want a Democrat, there's always Republican Alan Schlesinger. Or, if you're willing to wait until the 110th Congress convenes to have your Republican, there's also Future Republican Joe Lieberman.


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