Monday, October 16, 2006

Why require a photo ID to vote?

Requiring photo IDs for all voters is a good idea if...

— want to keep poor people from voting, because they often don't have current IDs.

— want to keep legal immigrants from voting, because they often don't have IDs with addresses on them.

— want to keep people who move around a lot from voting, because they often have non-current addresses on their ID cards.

— want to stop voting by mail, because think about it: how can you present ID when voting by mail? And wouldn't voting by mail be more susceptible to fraud, anyway?

— want to make sure that people with religious backgrounds that forbid photographs of themselves are either disenfranchised or made to feel uncomfortable.

— want your state to pay to train poll workers about how to spot fake IDs, which they'll have to be able to pick out, if this law is going to mean anything at all.

— think it's more important to harass every individual citizen in the name of fighting polling place corruption—instead of going after the particular suspected poll workers whose coöperation would be crucial to making this kind of fraud possible in the first place.

Requiring photo ID to vote: little incoveniences making your life less pleasant, while solving problems that don't exist.


At Monday, December 20, 2010 at 2:38:00 AM EST, Anonymous photo id cards said...

The value of Photo ID cards cannot be emphasized enough. When you have a face attached to a name, identifying people becomes much easier.


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