Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Laura Ingraham incites voter intimidation; advocates fraud.

So radio Laura Ingraham urged people on the air to call the Democratic Voter protection hotline, and they're being flooded with crank callers, according to the FireDogLake blog. You can call Laura and tell her what you think of her brilliant idea.

So the Democrats set up a toll-free number to report fraud, intimidation and otherwise criminal activity at the polls, and Ingraham snaps to jam it. Mm-hmm, those Republicans first lead the way with misinformation through robocalls, and then they resort to crap like this to make sure no one stands up for clean elections.

Between Ingraham and the robocalls and the thugs who trashed Democrat Jay Fawcett's congressional campaign headquarters, the Republicans are striving for new lows. The subpar voting machines that are causing long lines at the polls while providing no paper trail aren't helping, either. And then the Republicans wonder why we don't trust them. Their trashing the Fourth Amendment is bad enough, but there are always new depths to plumb, I suppose.


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