Sunday, March 18, 2007

WMDs in use in Iraq (sort of)

The chemical weapons used by terrorists in Iraq are, specifically, chlorine gas bombs. Granted, these chlorine gas bombs are made from chlorine brought by USUK occupation forces to purify the water, because there's so little potable water in Iraq these days, on account of our having blown up the infrastructure when we attacked Iraq. But please pardon my misleading title: chlorine gas bombs, while awful, aren't "weapons of mass destruction." Weapons, yes, but on a massive scale? Hardly.

According to the BBC, three chlorine gas bombs have killed eight and injured hundreds, including six U.S. troops. Al Qaeda it ain't, but whoever's doing it wouldn't be doing it if we hadn't invaded and occupied the country in the first place. Mission accomplished.

And as if you couldn't have seen this coming: this morning on Meet the Press, disgraced ex-Representative Tom DeLay cited the chlorine gas bombs as "evidence" that we're in a "war" on terrorism in Iraq. These scumbags never give up, do they?

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