Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine: recovering from car crash.

So on Friday, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was in a car crash on the Garden State Parkway. Corzine wasn't driving, and it wasn't even the fault of the driver of the car the governor was in. Regardless, Corzine was banged up terribly, with most of his ribs broken, as well as his femur, in two places. He'll live, but he won't walk normally for a while.

Corzine wasn't wearing his seatbelt, it turns out. As someone who would probably have died in a car crash when I was a passenger in one at age fifteen, I just want to put out there that you really ought to wear your seatbelt; they really do work. They saved my mother's life once, too—from the passenger's seat, again. Not wearing a seatbelt is simply idiotic.


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