Monday, July 16, 2007

David Vitter denies prostitution allegations.

After a week of reclusion, Senator David Vitter has come out, his wife at his side, and admitted the culpability lay with... "political enemies." And the media, of course.

Dolchstoss! Some unseen, unnamed enemy clearly made up allegations that Senator Vitter was seeing prostitutes again. So Vitter can pretend he's a victim and can smear potentially anyone who opposes him as part of this nefarious plot to humiliate him. He's not even coming right out and saying the madams in New Orleans and DC are liars (though he's implying it.)

Senator Vitter, who campaigned as the anti-Clinton-getting-blow-jobs candidate, is now weaseling out of this by simultaneously blaming others and apologizing for it. You owe me no apologies, Senator—just own up to your predilections. You know, the predilections that you said made Bill Clinton unfit for office. I don't care who you sleep with; hypocrisy is the issue here, you sleazebag.

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At Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 6:20:00 PM EDT, Blogger Targa said...

When is he up for reelection? The people will not forget. And, if he does get reelected.... they get what they deserve.
Hopefully, he dies in a fiery plane crash... with god at his side.... and his hypocrisy in hand.... and a list of 72 prostitutes.

or something.

At Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 11:30:00 PM EDT, Blogger Kurt Kaletka said...

Vitter's up for reëlection in 2010. He ran for his House seat in 1998 as a straight-arrow kind of guy, which is when his wife threw out that comment about how she'd never be like Hillary Clinton if her husband screwed around on her, and that she'd come to take something from him, and it wouldn't be money. He got elected to retiring Democrat John Breaux's seat in 2004 using the same kind of personality-driven campaign.

What's aggravating is that Vitter could possibly turn all this around and keep his Senate seat in 2010. It's hard to say; a lot will depend on the political landscape then. I'd like to think he's weakened too much to run again. He's already being considered an albatross around the neck of Republican Representative Bobby Jindal, who's running for governor of Louisiana this November, and is the favorite to win. Jindal and Vitter are pretty well linked together, but Jindal's been trying to put some distance between himself and the senator lately.

There was speculation that Vitter was going to step down. I never really believed he would, but I have to admit that his outright denials of the prostitution allegations surprised me, in light of the fact that he's got a history of frequenting prostitutes.

The only way Vitter will leave the Senate before 2010 would be on a stretcher, to be sure. He's probably going to fester there for a few more years, at least, serving as a reminder of the hypocrisy toward marital fidelity that Republicans are all too willing to put up with. With any luck, this will serve to neutralize the old "but Clinton cheated on his wife!" chestnut.

Still, it would be great if Vitter realized what a bright, shining hypocrite he is and resigned his seat this year, thus allowing for an emergency election to replace him (which I believe Louisiana law requires—someone please correct me if I'm wrong.) This would bring a new senator, possibly a Democrat, and possibly former New Orleans Mayor Moon Landrieu, who's kind of conservative, but he's still a Democrat, and it's better to complain about a conservative Democrat in Louisiana than it is to complain about a conservative Republican in Louisiana.

Who are these 72 prostitutes of Vitter's, anyway? I want names! And, um, phone numbers... purely for research, you understand...

At Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 1:28:00 PM EDT, Blogger droudy said...

The immediate solution wouldn't be an emergency election, it would be an appointment by the governor, who is a Democrat. So there's a ray of sunshine there.

I'm from Louisiana, and left a comment on the post for your letter to the "distinguished gentleman" from our state, also a link to an editorial. Not all of us are for him, nor do we believe in him.

At Thursday, July 19, 2007 at 12:09:00 PM EDT, Blogger Kurt Kaletka said...

Thanks for clearing that up, droudy. Some states have unusual rules for replacing senators; I don't know why I thought Louisiana was one of them.

If Blanco were to replace Vitter, it would have to happen this year, because from the sound of things, Bobby Jindal's taking over at the state house come January, and he'd appoint a Republican, of course. However, there's a benefit to having Vitter remain in the Senate: he'll serve to remind us all that many of the pious, holier-than-thou crowd are just a bunch of hypocrites and frauds. That's not so good when it comes to appropriate representation in the legislature, though, so with a declawed, detoothed senator, Louisianans have a right to be upset. (The underrepresentation that William Jefferson is already giving your state's delegation is bad enough; this only compounds things for Louisiana, regrettably. I mean, even though I'd rather see a Democrat in Vitter's seat, states have specific needs that senators fill, and it's not good for any state to be missing out on what a senator can do for them, even if that senator is in the minority party like Vitter is. 2010 is a long way off...)


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