Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why Republicans are wrong on Iraq.

Remember this little attack by Rudolph W. Giuliani during the Republican debates on Fox News?

When Rep. Ron Paul dared to suggest that we try to figure out why the Iraqis resent our presence in our country, and that we also try to figure out what the September 11 terrorist attacks were about. Giuliani then not only disagrees with Paul, but he attacks Paul for daring to think differently about the issue than he does. Then Giuliani comes out and says that because he lived through the September 11 attacks, he's got a better perspective on things. This is a crock. I lived through the September 11 attacks, myself. I was in the World Trade Center half an hour before the first plane hit, and I evacuated the city that day. Regardless, I don't look at having been around on that day as a boost to my foreign policy credentials. (And I'll eat my shoes the day the Republican Party listens to the foreign policy opinions of the majority of New Yorkers.)

Many have argued (as have I) that the Republican Party screwed up on Iraq. A significant problem for them is also that they don't know how to debate on Iraq, or on any other topic, for that matter. They believe in hewing to a singular vision of what's right and good and never straying from it, then brow-beating anyone who does. There's no active debate in the Republican Party these days. This will work as a political strategy for a non-incumbent party or for a country in a (real or perceived) crisis. The Republicans are doomed in the near future unless they can keep up the illusion that we're all in imminent danger of being killed by some dirty foreigners and that the only way to save ourselves is to somehow find and kill them all (whoever "they" are,) the Republicans are in trouble... so it looks like they might be all right, after all...

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At Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 2:33:00 PM EDT, Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

Ron Paul isn't in trouble! We must keep the right perspective. I'd also say that Democrats were just as responsible for getting us into the Iraq mess and they don't seem to be doing much to undo it since taking power. Ron Paul presents the only REAL choice for an end to this mess and a return to respect for the rule of law in 2008!

At Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 4:37:00 PM EDT, Blogger Kurt Kaletka said...

You blame the Democrats for not getting us out of Iraq when Bush vetos every attempt they make to do so? How does that follow? I mean, if you're blaming Congress for failing to get us out of Iraq, then you have to blame Ron Paul, too, because he's in Congress, isn't he?

I think we agree, though, that this country shouldn't have a chief executive who sees himself outside of the law, and that executive power shouldn't be as intensely concentrated as it is in this current administration. We don't agree on Mr. Paul being a good answer to this problem, though I do give him credit for being one of the few members of congress with real backbone. If only he agreed with me, but the problem with people who have backbone is that very often they'll be at odds with your or vice versa...

I have to agree that I wish Ron Paul and the rest of the Congress would actually do something about this mess in Iraq. But what can they do when the president is working so hard against them?


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