Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bobby Jindal hates... Protestants?

Representative Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) has had his anti-Protestant writings brought to light again, just like they were during his 2003 gubernatorial campaign. The article containing his anti-Protestant screed is linked here, but it requires that you pay for the privilege of reading it, but the word is (and the word that Jindal is denying vociferously) that Jindal called Protestant "religions" as "scandalous, depraved, selfish and heretical."

Rep. Jindal has written quite a bit about religion, as the site below (sponsored by the Louisiana Democratic Party) demonstrates. Jindal's attacks on "atheism's gods" is your standard gruel for conservatives, and probably won't matter one whit where his standing with the Republican Party and America's conservatives are concerned. This bit about his going after Protestants, though, is a big deal.

Jindal is running for Governor of Louisiana this year, and is one of the most popular Republicans in the state of Louisiana. He's far ahead in the polls, and Louisiana is pretty conservative, so I'm reluctant to say yet whether this will hurt him. However, Louisiana is largely Catholic in the south and largely Protestant in the north, so these ads, which are unsurprisingly running mostly in northern Louisiana, might have some effect. At any rate, they've been forcing Jindal to publicly explain himself, which is something no politician wants to have to do.

With a name like Jindal, you might expect him to be Hindu, and indeed, he was raised as one, and converted to Catholicism on his own. His last name has also been converted—it's pronounced "jindle," for the record.

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