Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove to resign by August 31.

The Bush administration's brilliant and amoral political advisor Karl Rove will resign his post at the White House on August 31. A latter-day incarnation of President McKinley's brilliant and amoral political strategist "Dollar Mark" Hanna, Rove gives the old saw that he wants to "spend more time with his family," and to prove it he's moving to a town not far from where his son goes to college. Whatever.

I think it's more that if Rove didn't resign by the end of August, he'd have to stick with the Bush administration until January 2009, and he doesn't want to do that, for whatever reason. Perhaps he wants out because Congress keeps demanding he turn up in court to answer questions about his role in the Valerie Plame sabotage scandal, and his continued refusals to reply to these subpoenas will only serve to further damage the White House.

I don't see why Congress wouldn't continue to subpoena Rove after this, nor do I see why the White House wouldn't continue with their groundless claim of "executive privilege" to cover his oily ass. Regardless, Rove is out, officially, but he'll no doubt remain in some kind of unofficial advisory capacity to the Bush administration, just like Karen Hughes did.

Rove is out, but this thing ain't over. Just because Rove walks out doesn't mean there's any reason to stop investigating the crimes that he and his boss committed.

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