Friday, January 04, 2008

Barack Obama wins the Iowa caucuses

The results are:
Obama 38%
Edwards 30%
Clinton 29%

Obama gave a fine speech after winning, too. Edwards isn't giving up, but I doubt he'll recover. Clinton is in trouble, but I won't count her out quite yet. Dodd, Gravel and Biden have dropped out, so five remain: Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Richardson and Kucinich. God damn, I'm happy to see Obama winning, and happier still to see Clinton in third place.

In the Republican straw poll, Huckabee won. The results:

Huckabee 34%
Romney 25%
Thompson 13%
McCain 13%
Paul 10%
Giuliani 3%

And I forget the rest. Anyway, Evangelicals put the Huckster over the top. Romney will struggle after this. I can't see McCain winning, but this will help him. I still think Romney will win the nomination, but it'll be ugly.

With any luck the Republicans will go to a brokered convention. Newt Gingrich himself promised that if the Republicans had a brokered convention and if they decided to nominate him there, he'd accept the nomination. Ain't he generous?

Clinton in third place. We can all sleep better—for tonight. But this thing ain't over yet.

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